The Kepler Story is an immersive theater piece about 17th Century astronomer and mystic Johannes Kepler. Designed for planetarium domes, The Kepler Story blends theater, history, engulfing visuals and state-of-the-art sound design for a transformative, visceral experience.


an extraordinary

The Kepler Story is the first theater piece ever created about an astronomer that’s designed for planetarium domes. This fascinating journey includes the game-changing astronomical discoveries, the losses suffered, obstacles encountered, and the moving epiphanies of this almost-forgotten scientific genius of the modern world.


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an extraordinary

Immersive theatre, which takes place in planetariums and other fulldome and 3D environments, creates an extraordinarily transformative effect on both the minds and bodies of audience members. Combining state-of-the-art surround sound and immersive visuals, The Kepler Story brings together contemporary theatre and graphic technology to create an impact beyond the capacity of proscenium-defined art forms as it tackles one of the most important themes of modern culture: the integration of science and spirituality.

Flawlessly & beautifully presented in every respect. SOUL FOOD! Inspiring, educational… drama, art, science, technology brought together at it's best… I literally wept during the standing ovation.   — Patrick Thornton, Psychologist


Nina Wise

Producer / Director

Nina earned her degree in Religious Studies and the Aesthetics of Movement. She has devoted her career to developing theater that addresses the complex relationship between body, intellect, and spirit. Her original works, performed in prestigious venues in the US, South America, Europe and Asia have won awards for playwriting, innovative design, and new theater including seven Bay Area Theater Critics’ Awards. Wise is the recipient of multiple NEA and Marin Arts Council Fellowships. She has been the Artistic Director of Motion since 1987.

Nina Wise   •   Motion Theater


Molly Noble


Molly Noble founded Porchlight Theatre Company (2000-2010) in Marin County where she produced and performed classic plays under the redwoods. She is a member of PlayGround, the Bay Area’s leading incubator for new plays. She has directed for Shotgun Players, Cinnabar Theater, Bay Area Playwright’s Festival, PlayGround, Porchlight, Word for Word, West Marin Players, and The American School London. She is on the Drama faculty at College of Marin, holds a B.A. in English and Art History from Bowdoin College and  trained at A.C.T. and  Shakespeare and Co.   

Molly Noble


Director of Morrison Planetarium, at California Academy of Sciences, San Francisco

Under Ryan’s passionate leadership, the new immersive theater at Morrison is inspiring millions of visitors to ponder their place in the Universe.

“My work in the planetarium field focuses on the creation of “narrative journeys,” virtual voyages in immersive environments that place audiences at the center of the storytelling…. The Kepler Project has remarkable potential to integrate an artful approach toward the history of science with pioneering visualizations.”

Morrison Planetarium

Christopher Hedge

Sound Designer

Christopher’s compositional career began modestly enough with soundtracks for the San Francisco State University Planetarium three decades ago. Since then he has composed more than 1,000 works, numerous albums and soundtracks. His first album with Paul Horn was nominated for a Grammy. He has performed all over the world, from an opera house in Italy, to a performance for the birthday celebration of the King of Bhutan.

Christopher Hedge


Avant Cellist and Composer

Zoë is a one-woman orchestra. She uses a cello and a foot-controlled laptop to record layer upon layer of cello, creating intricate, haunting and compelling music. Increasingly considered a role model for DIY artists, Zoë’s self-released albums have sold over 35,000 copies and she has amassed an incredible 1.3 million Twitter followers.

Zoe Keating


Jan Zehn AND Stefan Berke

Animation and Visual Design

Two artists from Jena, Germany specializing in innovative visual and sound design for domes. Their cutting edge work is redefining what is possible in the field of dome art. They create computer programs that integrate visuals, music and sound design in interactive formats so that effect the mind and body of the viewer are effected in ways that only an immersive environment can offer.

 Jan Zehn   •   Stefan Berke


Pioneer of Dynamical Systems Theory, Professor of Mathematics at U.C. Santa Cruz, and Author of 9 books

“It behooves us to study the principal bifurcations of the past for guidance, such as the scientific revolutions of the 17th century. The mathematical theory of catastrophes is critical, as those who understand the math of social transformation are much less likely to give up in the face of social disintegration and more likely to optimistically participate in the construction of the future.”

Ralph Abraham


Co-Producer of The Kepler Story
President of Motion Institute’s Board of Directors. 

Yaz is an entrepreneur and startup adviser. Yaz is involved in severalcause-oriented organizations. He co-produced the Emmy award winning MTV Stop the Violence Campaign. A musician and interactive media composer, Yaz holds a doctorate in Computer Music Composition and Ethnomusicology from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign.

It is… the secret of Kepler’s union with nature that attracts all those who see something in the universe beyond, and different from, that which rigorous science has to offer.   — Max Casper