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This show about Johannes Kepler will be staged — where else? — in a planetarium. The play recounts the 17th-century astronomer’s turbulent career, using projections on an enormous dome to recreate the cathedral where he was expelled for heresy, and then the harmonious cosmos in which he took solace. Backed with a soundtrack by the cellist Zoë Keating, the play explores the twining of empirical and spiritual urges at the dawn of the scientific revolution.

Marin IJ

“[The Kepler Story] is a near-perfect meeting of medium and subject matter. A play about a 17th-century German astronomer who revolutionized the way we understand the motion of planets is such a natural fit for a planetarium that it's a wonder it hasn't happened before.”


"A surprising, unusual, and grand experience in the theater. A truly inspiring event!"
— Martha Boesing, Theater Director and Playwright

"Johannes Kepler travels through time and space to tell a story that is both personal and collective, current and ancient — a story of humanity's relationship with the Mystery of Life. When I lifted my face to the falling snowflakes, something stirred inside my soul, prompting tears and a sense of tenderness for the vulnerability that makes greatness possible."
— Annabelle Berrios, Lawyer, Educator

Run don't walk to see Nina Wise's amazing Kepler Story. It's one of the most stunningly beautiful experiences I've ever had in the theater. The vibrant spirit of the cosmos shines through every moment."
— Susan Griffin, Author, Poet

"The Kepler Story is nothing less than a new theatrical art form. The piece is simultaneously emotionally moving and intellectually exhilarating. It brought tears to my eyes!"
— Ralph Metzner, Professor CIIS

What a creation!  Genius within genius within genius. One hour of magic.
— Kim Rosen, Author, Poet

"I came expecting yet another show about space and Kepler’s discoveries. All of this was proven wrong the moment the show started. The actor channeled the emotion, the sorrow, the unbridled joy, and the mysticism of Kepler’s life. I think kids will be dazzled by the visuals if nothing else. I know I was, and I’m 13."
— Skye, Student, Amateur Astronomer 

"I loved everything about it. It was a delightful, imaginative production, powerful and filled with unspoken references to our current reality."
— Jacques Leslie, Journalist, Environmental Activist

"I was riveted! I am a scientist, working as a member of the Kepler Mission Science Working Group, so Kepler (the scientist) is someone with whom I am quite familiar. However, I was unfamiliar with Kepler the man, the victim of religious persecution, the husband, and the denizen of the late 16th and early 17th century. During the performance, with minimal stage props, and glorious digital dome effects, I became intimate with that remarkable human. What a treat! I feel lucky to have experienced the extraordinary power of the work first hand."
— Jill Tarter, Astrophysicist, Outgoing Director of the Center for SETI Research

Beyond the beyond — a brilliant and poetic portrayal of the life of Kepler, rich with history, astronomy and religious tensions of the day. This well told story offers layers of insight for our times today. It is not to be missed.  — Patsy Northcutt, Filmmaker