an extraordinary

The Kepler Story is the first theater piece ever created about an astronomer that’s designed for planetarium domes. This fascinating journey includes the game-changing astronomical discoveries, the losses suffered, obstacles encountered, and the moving epiphanies of this almost-forgotten scientific genius of the modern world.


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an extraordinary

Immersive theatre, which takes place in planetariums and other fulldome and 3D environments, creates an extraordinarily transformative effect on both the minds and bodies of audience members. Combining state-of-the-art surround sound and immersive visuals, The Kepler Story brings together contemporary theatre and graphic technology to create an impact beyond the capacity of proscenium-defined art forms as it tackles one of the most important themes of modern culture: the integration of science and spirituality.

Flawlessly & beautifully presented in every respect. SOUL FOOD! Inspiring, educational… drama, art, science, technology brought together at it's best… I literally wept during the standing ovation.   — Patrick Thornton, Psychologist